“The Catholic Church has a remarkable story to tell, that speaks to our deepest desires and makes life make sense. If we can tell that story better, lives will be transformed.”

-Kathryn Lopez, Founding Director, Catholic Voices USA


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Welcome to Catholic Voices USA!

Pope Francis EmbraceInterested in sharing the faith in the public square with Christian love? You can Defend the Faith without Raising Your Voice, as the Our Sunday Visitor book puts it quite well. This is what Catholic Voices USA exists to do and help with.

Take a look around here and see a snapshot of good principles for civil communications, ask for a speaker for your conference or parish or guest for your TV or radio show, follow us on Twitter, inquire about upcoming sessions, or take a look around.

We can build a vibrant, welcoming Catholic culture. It’s our call!

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Catholic Voices USA Shadow Report for
the Committee Against Torture

The Insatiable New Intolerance

For some two thousand years, the Catholic Church has burned with a light now visible from any window on earth. In every age, men and women from all walks of life have reached toward that light. In every age, other men and women have turned away from it. The blunt fact of opposition to the teachings of the Catholic Church, and at times to the mere existence of its faithful, come as no surprise to students of history.

From the martyrs of the Circus Maximus to the tumbrils grinding toward the guillotine, from the camps of twentieth-century totalitarianism to other killing fields where the felt need to silence Christians and Christianity has had its way, members of the Church have borne witness, including with their lives, to the enmity that other people have harbored for the teachings of their faith.

Today, as this very Committee of the United Nations convenes, Christian men, women, and children are being tortured and persecuted and killed in a great many parts of the world. These are documented, purposeful, ongoing crimes that cry to heaven for international attention – including from Turtle Bay.i And even in places mercifully free of the threat of bodily violence, many other Christians today as yesterday know the softer persecutions of social stigma, discrimination, mockery and disdain.

To repeat: that Christians and the Church itself have known adversaries of all kinds throughout the ages is an easily verifiable commonplace. Even so, and as the unprecedented remarks against the Holy See and contained in other recent United Nations documents go to show, the age-old desire to marginalize the Church and to discredit the moral teachings on which she cannot do anything but insist have lately taken a new and singularly vitriolic form. 


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Defending the Faith without Raising Your Voice at the United Nations


Speaking before the United Nations Committee Against Torture, Ashley McGuire, who has long been a friend and collaborator with Catholic Voices USA, asked the committee Friday to consider the good the Catholic Church does rather than get mixed up in the knots of ideological agendas.


The Holy See testifies before the committee Monday as a signer of the Convention Against Torture.


Catholic Voices USA also submitted a report cautioning the committee against the new intolerance we’re seeing in this and other deliberations. You can read that in its entirety here. Read Austen Ivereigh with Catholic Voices in England here. And I’ve written a bit here and here and here on the topic.

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Blessed Are the Airwaves!


We Catholics are who we are and do what we do because we follow Jesus. That’s the message New York’s Cardinal Timothy Michael Dolan delivers in a Holy Week message sponsored by Catholic Voices USA. Airing on 101WINS during “drive times” throughout this week, the cardinal archbishop of New York explains that “All Catholic social teaching comes from the words Christ said in the Sermon on the Mount.”

During the one-minute radio ad, Cardinal Dolan repeats some of those words -- the Beatitudes, including:


Blessed are the poor in spirit for theirs is the kingdom of Heaven.
Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted.
Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness.
Blest are the peacemakers, for they shall be called children of God.

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Catholic Voices USA Holy Week Message with Cardinal Timothy Dolan

Please join us at any local Catholic Church this Holy Week, this Easter Week, as we celebrate our faith in Jesus Christ. Come. He is risen.

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Mary's 'yes' and ours

inthenews marysyesCNA: Catholic Womanhood
March 26, 2014
By Jennifer Manning - Jennifer Manning is a Catholic schoolteacher in Massachusetts and a volunteer with Catholic Voices USA.

Today is the feast of the Annunciation, the day on which we remember Mary’s blessed fiat, her yes, her surrender to God’s will for her life.

Exactly nine months from Christmas Day we ponder what a momentous event in Mary’s life this must have been. Each year on this solemnity I find myself wondering about how Mary would have felt, knowing that she had the child Jesus growing inside of her womb. I wonder if she felt worthy, scared, or ordinary. Like the classic Christmas song, I wonder in prayer “Mary did you know? Did you know that your ‘yes’ paved the way for the salvation of the world?”

Motherhood has been on my mind recently, as I’m taking a class right now on the philosophy of human sexuality, taught by renowned philosopher and theologian Dr. Peter Kreeft. The topic of last week’s class was abortion, and Dr. Kreeft masterfully led the class through several arguments -- some religious, some logical, some philosophical -- about why abortion is the “most critical moral issue of our time.”

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